Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm in love...

Connor has been smiling in response to my talking and smiles like this for about 1 week now and I was finally able to catch it on video. He's now 5 and a half weeks old, so it started when he was 1 month old.

I think this video deserves its own post. I'm so in love with this little boy, I can hardly stand it!

Happy Turkey Day!

Brad, Connor, and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got to spend it with my family in Orange County and it was a nice long weekend filled with wonderful family, yummy food, fun pics and flics, and cute babies.

Brad and I arrived in O.C. late Wednesday and the first thing we did after getting there was give baby Connor a bath because he had a major blow out - what better way to start the Thanksgiving weekend?! Early afternoon on Thursday, we ate a DELICIOUS homemade turkey dinner complete with rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing, veggies, cranberry sauce, and sparkling cider.

After we ate, we took family pictures at FloJo Park in Mission Viejo. It's much harder to get a good picture with 2 little babies, but I think we did pretty good!

After family pictures, a few of us watched State of Play with Russel Crow and Ben Affleck while the boys played XBox, and then some of us played Yahtzee and ate apple pie. Then on Friday, my parents and I went to see New Moon, the new Twilight movie (I'm reading the books too and I like the story - don't judge me :)) and the Smiths (Christine, Matt, and little Braden), some of our long time friends, came over to visit with Connor, Brad, and me (ok, just Connor, who are we kidding?).

On Saturday we went over to my sister Ady's in-laws' house in O.C. (the Castletons) for a BBQ and to watch the BYU vs. U of U football game. BYU won 26-23 in overtime!! GO COUGARS - RA RA, RA RA RA!!!

The Carver grandparents had a great time with their grandbabies this weekend:

And grandma Carver bought the babies their first Christmas outfits, so we had to take some pictures:

Connor and Jaxson are already best buds! They are so cute together!

We had a great weekend, and we're sad it went by so fast!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

4 weeks (and 1 day) old!

Connor is already 4 weeks old! Yesterday was the 4 week mark and Monday the 23rd will mark 1 month. The time is absolutely flying, and I'm a little sad that the newborn stage is already almost over. He is growing like a weed (I think he's almost 11 lbs. now!) and he's getting more alert all the time. He smiles and attempts to laugh (it comes out as a couple of happy coos) and he is still doing great. He is sleeping in 4-6 hours stretches at night (which really helps my sanity) and we are so grateful he's here with us. We are feeling like we are starting to settle into this new lifestyle. It's so fun to be a mom (and Brad loves being a dad). Everything that was once so trivial is now new and exciting because Connor is experiencing it all for the first time.

Here are a few pictures that show what we've been up to the last couple weeks (again, I'm pretty sure some of these will bore most of you, but I post so many to suffice our distant family members that ask to see more :)).

He absolutely LOVES his swing! This is how he fell asleep in it once (don't worry, it wasn't swinging):

When Connor wakes up he does ninja moves with his hands. :)

Auntie Claire, Cousin Jaxson, Auntie Ady, and Grandma Carver all came up to visit Connor and me on Vetrans' Day:

Smiles for Grandma!

Cute cousin Jaxson.

We don't always get cute smiles... but I think he's cute when he cries too. :)

Loving the attention from Grandma Carver - he loves when you gently rub his face.

Playing dress up - trying on his winter coat and jeans (they're much too big right now).

We love daddy! This is during a skype call with the Grandparents Jeppson.

Snuggling up with dad to watch some TV. I just love to see these two together!!

Adorable sleeping baby.

He makes the funniest faces as he's drifting off to sleep. He goes from a frown to a smile in 3 seconds flat.

And I just love those smiles!!!

Tummy time for the first time!

First trip out to dinner. We went to Chilli's.

Connor has had several blowouts the last couple days. Brad refused to put him on the changing pad (even though there's a cover and we have extras) so he just hung Connor's bum off the end of the table. It was HILARIOUS to watch. Brad just about had a cow...

We met Jake (Brad's cousin), Brook, and their baby girl Alice (5 mos.) for lunch at Olive Garden today. They used to live in the apartment just below us but they just recently moved further into LA. It was fun seeing them, and Alice and Connor had a great time too!

I also took Connor in to meet my co-workers this week. It was fun to see all of them again and they were excited to meet Connor!

This is my boss, Rick. He's a character and so fun to work for!