Monday, March 16, 2009

Celebs - they're just like us...

So I went out to lunch with my husband and some of his co-workers today to Taco Bell near our work places by LAX. It was just a normal lunch, like any other at a cheap fast food joint, when a guy and girl sat down at a table near ours a few feet away. Looking at the couple, Brad says (quietly), "Hey, is that Joey Tribiani from Friends?" Oh my gosh, it was! Matt LeBlanc was sitting right there, enjoying some delectable Taco Bell tacos. I really wanted to talk to him, at least to say, "Hey, I love the show Friends," but it appeared as if he didn't want to be noticed, with his low-key apparel and dark sunglasses (worn inside) covering half his face. So I gave him the respect of not calling attention to him or taking pictures with my phone. We all just sat there, eating our nachos and double-decker tacos, quietly enjoying our up-close star sighting.

This is Brad's and my first mega-star sighting since we moved to LA 7 months ago. We once saw one of the Biggest Loser contestants, in town for the live Finale, driving in his car leaving a hotel near this same Taco Bell by LAX, but that definitely wasn't blog worthy. I guess LAX is what brings the stars to our particular area. Exciting!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So since nothing really exciting has been happening lately, I thought I would post some of the random things we have done in the last couple weeks.

This week I got to decorate shamrock sugar cookies with my Mia Maid girls for our class activity for St. Patrick's day next week. It was a blast and the cookies were delicious! We took the cookies we decorated to the Beehive and Laurel class girls to tell them how much we love them. Then the girls took some cookies home to give to their parents in light of our YW lesson from last Sunday - Honoring our Parents. Here are some of the finished cookies. We made about 3 dozen total, but only 2 dozen made it out the door. :)

And I think this is really cute. We have a squirrel that lives on the grounds at our apartment complex. Brad and I call him Squirrel Man - no, I don't know why. He lives mostly outside the complex in a little garden area with lots of bushes and tall palm trees, and he spends all his time gathering nuts and burying them in the dirt where no one will find them. When he runs out of nuts out there, he climbs up the palm trees outside the complex, jumps onto the roof of our building, runs down the stairs right in front of our unit, and proceeds to gather the nuts that have fallen from the trees in the court yard in our complex. Since we live on the top floor, we frequently hear the pitter-patter of his little feet and the clatter-rolling of a nut across our ceiling. Several times we have seen him on our stairs enjoying a tasty nut or two. Most of the time, he startles me because I don't expect a big hairy creature to be sitting right in the middle of the stairs at 7 a.m. as I'm walking down, leaving for work. Brad and I really enjoy watching (and hearing) him work. Here is the best picture I have of him. Every time we see him and I go to grab my camera, he's already gone. Here he is by the stairs that lead from the roof top over our unit into the central court yard of our complex:

A couple weeks ago, we got a letter written in big 2nd grader hand-writing from Brad's cousin Quinn. Also included in the letter was Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley was flattened by his falling bulletin board and was so flat he could be mailed to different parts of the world. Quinn mailed Flat Stanley to us and asked if we would take him to see parts of Southern California where we live for his 2nd grade class project. So we took Flat Stanley to see:

the planes fly right over your head at LAX!

the sailboats in Marina Del Rey!

and the beautiful sunset at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa Del Rey!

We had so much fun!! We mailed all these pictures and some treats for Quinn and his class with Flat Stanley back to Quinn in Utah. He loved it!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lisa Kudrow?

So, I have been told by many different people that I look a lot like Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from the TV show Friends). Further, these Lisa Kudrow look-a-like comments from friends, co-workers and complete strangers were entirely out of the blue (we weren't playing the "which celebrity do I look most like" game or anything similar). I have been approached in a work bathroom, in a park, in my cubicle at work, and (yesterday) at church. The comment in church during Sunday School yesterday made me curious enough to compare pictures. Tell me... what do you think?