Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introducing... Connor Trent Jeppson

He's here!!! Our baby boy and newest member of the Jeppson household, Connor Trent Jeppson, was born at 12:08 a.m. on October 23, 2009. It was a long labor (28 hours from the time we entered the hospital on 10/21 at 8 p.m. to his birth; 17 hours once they finally started Pitocin on 10/22 at 7 a.m.) but well worth the wait. He is beautiful and healthy, and we love him to pieces. He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz. and was measured by hospital staff as 20 inches long, although according to the first doctor's visit a few days after birth, he is actually 21 inches long.

Brad is a wonderful daddy and Connor already adores him. He waits on me hand and foot because I now have a hard time moving around, and stayed up long nights with Connor in the hospital to let me sleep. He dove right into diaper changing and even shows his soft side by giving Connor kisses (don't tell him I told you :) ). We love being parents and this has been by far the best week of our lives. We are so excited for the wonderful years ahead...

A special thanks to my mom who has been staying with us since we came home from the hospital Sunday afternoon. The first week has been unimaginably hard and would have been near impossible without her help. She does everything for us right now and we are so grateful for her. This weekend the Jeppson grandparents come down from Utah and will take over helping with baby. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families who are supportive and so willing to help.

Thank you all for your love and prayers in our behalf. We can't wait to introduce him to all of you!! Here is a slew of pictures, mostly for the Utah Jeppson grandparents and other relatives living far away. The rest of you may get bored. :)

Admitted to Torrance Memorial Hospital at 8:15 p.m. on October 21, 2009.

Eagerly waiting for baby.

To pass the time - movies and surfing the net.

How I LOVE epidurals! Getting some much needed shuteye during active labor before pushing.

Born at 12:08 a.m. (actually 12:06 but the doctor forgot to say until we asked what time they were recording it at a couple minutes later).

The most amazing feeling ever when they place that little baby on your chest!!

Getting cleaned off by the nurse.

Cute (and long!) little baby toes - Brad is holding a nickel up to them in the picture below to give you a scale!!

Proud papa just minutes after birth.

Getting dressed for the first time.

He absolutely loves to be swaddled. The only time he cried in the hospital besides when he was hungry or getting needle pricked was when he was unswaddled.

I think he looks like me in this picture, but if you see him in person he is all papa. His ears, eyes, nose, lips, feet and toes, hands and fingers are identical to Brad's. He even has little side burns like his dad!! The only things he inherited from me/Carver side are his hair (even though it will all most likely fall out soon like mine did), maybe his face shape, his cleft chin (from me and Grandpa Carver), and his dislike of being cold. Who do you think he looks like??

Proud Grandpa Carver (for the second time).

Snuggling with Auntie Ady.

Snuggling with Auntie Claire.

Meeting cousin Jaxson (6 mos.) for the first time - so cute!!

Grandma Carver with both grandsons Jaxson and Connor.

After a long, hard labor every girl needs a Bailey's shake - thanks sisters!

This is why we call him our little snuggle bug. He loves to lay on your chest and snuggle.

I don't know why Connor is yawning in this pic. It should be Braddy. He stayed up many long nights with the baby changing diapers and pacing the floor so mommy could sleep. What a great husband and father!

Last pictures before going home from the hospital.

Home at last.

Meeting Uncle Jono (Ady's husband).

First bath - he does not like to be cold.

Brad is a natural.

We're teaching him "young"!!

Connor is super smiley all the time. If you come to visit he will likely flash you a brilliant one. I just can't get enough.

Grandma Carver and our little snuggle bug. Thanks for all your help mom!! We would have died without you!

We are a happy family.