Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More of the same

So yesterday we didn't go outside like I wanted to because it was snowing a lot of the day (3 more inches, all stuck). Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. We will be taking more walks and going to the library to pass some of the cold winter days we have left.

Connor and I tried to make the most of another day inside with blocks, Teddy, and bathtime.

I have to admit, snow is very pretty. Connor and I stood at the window and just watched the snow fall for at least 10 minutes.

Connor's favorite toy right now is his legos. He LOVES throwing them around our apartment (he likes the sound they make clanging and clacking on the tile) and disassembling things I build for him. I'm considering buying him those mega blocks so he can build more things himself. These are still a little too small for his tiny hands.

Today was a lot better (as far as getting out of the house). Since it was sunny today, I decided it was a good day for some errands. Connor and I went to Barnes & Noble to return a book, and we stopped to play with their train set and pull a few childrens' books off the shelves in the kids' section. Later in the evening when Brad was home, we quickly ate last night's leftovers and headed out to look at 2 houses in Pleasant View. They are beautiful homes, and we have more appointments set up for this Monday and Tuesday to look at about 10 more. This is surreal!

Monday, January 24, 2011

House Locked

I'm missing the warm winters of So.Cal. I'm feeling house locked. We've been outside only a couple times since we've been here to go to the playground in our apartment complex, but it's just too cold to be out for very long. Even with warm winter clothes on (how do you keep your face warm??).

I think tomorrow I'm gonna go for a walk with Connor in his stroller. I'm just gonna do it. It might be miserable on the way back, but I can't be inside anymore.

I want to be out, but still inside somewhere else to keep out of the cold. Any suggestions that a 1 year old would tolerate?? Maybe I'll look up the local library...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Overnight Visitor!

The few weeks we've spent in our apartment have been a little lonely. It's been nice to have Brad's family close. We've been down to see them several times, and a few of them have come to see us as well. But getting to know people in our ward has gone much slower than I expected and Connor hasn't had any friends to play with either. (Hopefully that will get better when he goes into nursery.) I have really been missing my family and El Segundo friends.

We were all so excited when my sister Ady came up to stay with us for a couple days this week (Jan 20-22). While she was here we mostly just hung out, but we also went to dinner at Chili's, went sledding (down the backside of Milton Cemetery down Hwy 84), and rented Robin Hood (with Russel Crow, Kate Blanchet) from Redbox. Connor loved seeing his Auntie. Thanks Ady for coming to visit!

Connor didn't love sledding. He wasn't cold, but I think us screaming as we slid down the hill scared him. He only seemed to cry when we started sledding.

Driving home, kinda wet and cold. Beautiful sunset.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Teddy Bear

We bought Teddy at a garage sale over 3 years ago before we had kids, anticipating that one day our kid would love it. (Teddy was only $2 at a garage sale in Long Beach!) We stored this huge thing in our house for 2 years without a child to enjoy it. It was well worth it. This is how I find Connor in his room when he is ready for a nap. He snuggles right in.

By the way, did you know my kid likes bell pepper? Neither did I until yesterday.

Our new home

West Haven is our new home for now. But maybe not for long. We have identified a couple cities that we want to look for houses and we are planning to look at some in the next couple weeks.

But for now our 2 bed, 2 bath, 1000 sq. ft. apartment (with a walk-in closet and washer/dryer!) in West Haven, UT is our home. We love it. Connor seems to love it too. He really loves the snow - is he my son??

After stomping through the snow with Dad. Just look at that face!

I love that there is a play ground in our complex.

Dinner and a really cool car.

We had dinner last week with Brenda's Uncle Paul and Aunt Ramona whom we haven't seen in a while.

It was great to see them again.
We had BBQ ribs for dinner, my favorite.
They have a beautiful home.
And Uncle Paul has a really cool car.

Check this out! It's authentic, he restored it himself. People follow him on the road yelling to him if he wants to sell it. He said he would take me for a ride when all the snow melts.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

December was busy. Don't believe me??

Early Carver Christmas
Since Christmas Day this year was the Jeppsons', my family did ours early. So December 12 we all gathered at my parents' house for the Carver Family Christmas.

We played with the new toys for the rest of the day - warm clothes and beanies, legos, books, adorable rain boots, movies, candy, etc. etc. Thanks everyone for the gifts!

As soon as we knew we were moving to Utah, I was determined to go to Disneyland as much as possible. Connor and I went 3-4 times each week with our friends and family. We love Disneyland.

Small World is spectacular at Christmas time.
Connor snuggling with Auntie Ady.
Silhouette of the Smiths (Matt, Christine, and Braden).
Our friends LeeElle, Cohen, LeeElle's sister Kerilynn, and her son Jaxson (spelled just like my nephew!).

After our early Christmas weekend, we headed back home to El Segundo Monday morning for the final few days. Box hunting, packing, taping, marking, pushing, pulling, organizing, cleaning, loading, sweating, and finally driving away Wednesday morning. Fortunately, we had a lot of help. Brad's mom and sister flew down Monday morning, Brad's dad flew down Tuesday night, and some ward and work friends came to help as well. Thank you everyone! WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!

Wednesday, Dec. 15 Brad headed north with his family, one of our cars, and the moving van. Connor and I (and our second car) headed south to be with my family for another week.

Our El Segundo home. That is (was) our window.

Reunions (and more Disneyland)
I'm glad I got an extra week with my family and they got an extra week with us (ahem, Connor). Jaxson and Connor had fun together and we went to Disneyland 3 times more.

Breakfast and Sesame Street.

That weekend, December 17-19, was our Reeve (Mom's side) Cousin Reunion. Dinner at my parents' house, white elephant gift exchange, Disneyland 2 days in a row, and eating at Club 33. Christmas trips to Disneyland is a tradition we've had since we were little.

It POURED the entire time we were there. From the very beginning, we were all sloshing in our shoes. But it wasn't enough to keep us away. We still had fun, even if it was the most miserable fun we've ever had. :)
I held Connor like this the ENTIRE DAY. If I put him in his umbrella stroller, he got soaked. He actually stayed pretty dry. I didn't. 8 hours of this and my back was killing me.
DesiRee, LaRisse, me, Ady.
The rain relented for 1 hour while we ate lunch. That was nice.
Tower of Terror. Top right corner.
Club 33.
Tram ride to the car. Ready to go home. Done being soaking wet.

The following Monday (Dec. 20) my El Segundo friends took me out to the Melting Pot. Goodbyes are so sad. I really miss these girls.

(Clockwise from left) Karen, Laura, Tanya, me, LeeElle, Amy Jo, Ginger.
Connor and Cohen in matching jammies. (Thanks John for watching them.) Connor really misses his friends too.
Christine, Braden, and Diana (Christine's mom). We miss them too.

Jeppson Christmas
December 22nd - Connor and I flew to Utah. (We left our car in CA for New Year's.)
December 23rd - Made gingerbread houses with Jeppson girls.
December 24th - Big Jeppson family dinner/party which included karaoke, lots of family, and the flu virus. Also opened Christmas presents with immediate Jeppson family.
December 25th - Merry Christmas!! Big Gotberg family dinner/party with white elephant gift exchange. I didn't go because I caught the flu from the night before (also lost 5 pounds that day). Lucky me. Brad and I opened our gifts to each other. He got me a new camera (to replace our lost one), and I got him a Dewalt cordless drill.
December 26th-27th - Relaxing and still recovering from the flu. (Brenda also got it these days.)
December 28th - Fly home to California for New Year's.

My handy work.
Being devoured a few days later.
Total destruction.

New Year's
Brad, Connor, and I flew back to California on Dec. 28 to spend New Year's with my family (we already bought these tickets to spend Christmas in Utah before we knew we were moving, so this was our "home" ticket). We drove back to Utah Sunday, Dec. 2.

Lots of time with grandparents.
The park.

The Getty.

Driving "home" to Utah
We left my parents' house at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 2. We wanted Connor to sleep as long as possible before we had to stop and let him out. Well worth it - we made it all the way past Vegas to Mesquite where we ate breakfast and walked around a grocery store for an hour. We only had to stop once more in Nephi and then we made it all the way to Brad's parents' house in South Jordan. THAT is the way to travel with a 1 year old!

Our gorgeous sunrise as we passed Las Vegas.
In the state of Utah.
The blessed sight in the back seat for 80% of the trip.

We are finally here and past all the holiday craziness. Utah doesn't quite feel like home yet, but give it a few weeks. We will be starting our house hunting soon...