Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun For Both of Us

I realize my blog has been about nothing but babies and jelly beans since we announced our happy news, but I just can't help my excitement over the latest fun thing to happen.

I have been feeling baby move for the last couple weeks now. At first I felt him only about once a day, now it's every couple hours. I noticed today that Jelly Bean is starting to kick pretty hard and while working away at my computer with my elbows at my side, I felt the strongest kick yet. The point, you ask?? I could feel it on my arm (not just in my tummy), which means Jelly Bean's kicks can now be felt from the outside of my tummy!

Even better than that (but along those same lines), Brad got to feel the baby's kicks for the first time today!! Jelly Bean did very well and kicked for daddy several times when he placed his hand on my tummy. I have been so excited for Brad to be able to feel baby, and now he can. I just love being pregnant (except for the sickness, exhaustion, aches, pains, and the constant need to pee :) ). It is so amazing to feel our baby kick and move and grow.

In other news, this Memorial Day weekend was a blast. Brad and I (and my entire family in OC) went to Utah for several days to see 2 cousins get married and my new nephew get blessed. We also got to visit with Brad's family for a couple of days, which is always a good time. Pictures will follow soon...

While hanging out with my cousins this weekend, a few of us put our heads together to help Brad and me come up with a names for Jelly Bean. Thomas Rex Jeppson and Trent Rex Jeppson were two suggestions (Thomas, Rex, and Trent are all names of relatives). If we named Jelly Bean either of these, we could call him T-Rex! What little boy wouldn't love that?! Another suggestion was Rex Bradford Jeppson, in which case we could call him R&B. While I love these suggestions, I think we will keep looking. :)

Name suggestions are always welcome... :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Brad and I went to my 17.5 week ultrasound on Friday (May 15) during lunch time to find out the sex of our baby. IT'S A BOY! Brad couldn't be happier (he was smiling ear to ear and does so whenever asked what we are having) and, of course, I'm happy too. Although I totally thought it was a girl, I have always been split 50/50 on what I wanted the baby to be. I'm very excited to finally know!

It was QUITE obvious on the ultrasound that we are having a boy (I will spare you the picture for modesty's sake). We were all (the doctor included) kind of giggling about it and my doctor said to us, "You know, nothing is 100%, but if I'm wrong on this one I'll do all your babysitting for free." It was quite humorous.

We got some great pictures of our baby boy, including a great 3D image of his face that I just have to share. The 3D imaging isn't perfect so he still looks a little lumpy in the picture (and besides, he's only 4.5 months along), but it is my favorite thing in the whole world. Jelly Bean is almost 18 weeks now, and he is 5 inches long and 0.5 lbs. Who do you think Jelly Bean looks like? :)

We don't yet have a name for our little guy, but I guess we have a few more months to figure it out. It's interesting, now that I know what we are having, I feel all in a frenzy to get everything set up. There's so much to do and only 5 short months to do it in!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Tiny Kicks

I felt Jelly Bean kick for the first time today! Just a few minutes ago, actually.

Truthfully, I felt the baby move for the first time on Friday morning while I was laying in bed. I would roll over onto my side and feel a lump move from one side to the other - usually away from the bed, causing my belly to be unnaturally lopsided (against gravity) and hard in spots. But it just felt like a moving lump - no distinguishable kicks. And then today I felt about 5 small random thumps in my tummy in the same spot. I poked back and Jelly Bean kicked again, but I think he/she is already tired of that game as I can't get him/her to do it again.

But it's so exciting!! I have been waiting for this for a few weeks now and it's exciting that I can finally feel him/her. I will be 16 weeks on Wednesday. 4 months gone already!!!

We find out if Jelly Bean is a boy or girl in 2 weeks. I'm thinking it's a girl, but we'll just have to wait and see. :)